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The Affordable Sew & Vac Difference: Complete Service, Guaranteed

Our servicemen are trained and certified to perform all maintenance and warranty work plus full service on all makes and models of machines. It isn’t necessary for sewing machine technicians to be certified, but if you’re comparison shopping, it is advisable to ask for the credentials and experience of those to whom you entrust your machine, before irreparable damage is done.


The Myth of the $50 Tune-Up

Many shops offer a basic “clean and oil” tune-up. Any adjustments, even minor ones to the timing (there are four different timings on a sewing machine) or resetting tensions in your machine will mean additional fees, so that the basic $50 tune-up eventually costs well over $100. Often, shops with untrained or uncertified technicians will send your machine out to someone else for these adjustments and charge an extra handling fee for that service. And because the machine has only been “tuned up,” the guarantee is either not offered or very limited in scope.


Affordable Sew & Vac’s All-Inclusive Service

Affordable Sew & Vac’s complete overhaul includes a 19-point check-up which includes all the extras such as adjusting timings and resetting tensions at no additional charge. We provide sewing machine repairs for all types of machines, including: 

  • Mechanical sewing machines

  • Computerized machines and sergers


       All machines overhauled leave our shop with a 6-month guarantee.



Free estimates on major jobs! If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay!

We Service What We Sell

When you purchase your machine from us you are given unlimited FREE instruction on how to use your machine and we service what we sell. Our motto is, “After the SALE it’s the SERVICE that counts.”

After the SALE it's the SERVICE that counts.
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