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Cabinets to Expand Your Sewing Space & Organize Your Supplies

Your next sewing project doesn’t have to take over the dining room! Affordable Sew & Vac’s Sylvia Design cabinets not only store and support your sewing machine but open out to give you generous cutting surfaces and plenty of time-saving, clutter-cutting organization so you never have to hunt for the right thread or pattern again.

Model 1520 Quilting Cabinet

Model 1520 Quilting Cabinet

Working surface of the cabinet is a complete 16 square feet to provide ample space for all quilting projects and large items such as drapes.

Large leaves open up and out and are supported by sturdy, height-adjustable wooden frames.

Affordable Sew & Vac

Model 1520 Dimensions:

Open: 78 ¾:”W x 39 ¾D x 29 ¾”H

Closed: 41 1/8”W x 21 5/8” D x 30 ½” H

Machine Opening: 24”W x 12 ½”D

Model 1350 Sewing Center

Model 1350 Sewing Center

Designed to fit nicely into any corner.

Provides the most comfortable and efficient work area of any sewing / serger combination on the market.

Maximum storage!

The ultimate sewing center!

Affordable Sew & Vac

Model 1350 Dimensions:

Open: 80"W x 20"D x 29 ¾"H

Closed: 54"W x 20"D x 30 ½"H

Sewing Machine Opening: 19 7/8”W x 11 3/8”D

Serger Opening: 17 ½”W x 13 7/8”D

Model 1000 Sewing/Serger Cabinet

Model 1000 Sewing / Serger Cabinet

Sturdy pullout shelf for serger

Serger shelf positioned lower than cabinet top for comfortable sewing height

Large space for serger when not in use

Large storage drawer, maximum storage bins

Affordable Sew & Vac

Model 1000 Dimensions:

Open: 83 ¾"W x 19 7/8"D x 29 ¾"H

Closed: 41 7/8"W x 19 7/8”D x 30 ½"H

Machine Opening: 19 7/8”W x 11 3/8"D

Model 810 Sewing Cabinet

Model 810 Sewing Cabinet

Large sewing surface

Larger opening to accommodate larger sewing machines

Maximum storage for accessories, threads and books

Model 810 Dimensions:

Open: 63 ¾"W x 19 7/8"D x 29 ¾"H

Closed: 31 7/8"W x 19 7/8"D x 30 ½"H

Affordable Sew & Vac
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