Affordable Sew & Vac’s Stabilizers: Get a Professional Finish

Stabilizers have evolved to make every kind of sewing, embroidering, quilting and crafting easier to work with and give your projects a smooth and professional finish.

Tear-Away Stabilizers

Tear-away stabilizers are used when total removal is very important. They are used under fabrics to prevent tunneling, puckering and distorting of stitches. Affordable Sew & Vac offers stabilizers that keep the fabric flat without tunneling or puckering and keep stitches and patterns from distorting. Select from our full lines of Sulky, America Sews, Pellon, Handler, Vilene and Stitch & Ditch stabilizers.

Stick-On Stabilizers

Stick-on stabilizers are self-adhesive, tear-away stabilizers on a paper-backed release sheet. It is ideal for hooped, computerized machine embroidery. It’s easy to hoop a stick-on stabilizer with the paper side up, the way you would hoop a piece of fabric. Small items can be embroidered without basting them to the stabilizer; just finger press them to the stabilizer. Make ready-to-wear easier to embroider; on areas like cuffs, collars, pockets and socks – just press them onto the stabilizer and embroider without an additional preparation. Choose convenient stick-on stabilizers suited to your fabrics and machines.

Heat-Away Stabilizers

Heat-away stabilizers dissolve with heat and disappear instantly without washing or spraying with water. They can be used as a topper for fabrics with a nap, texture, stretch knits and sweatshirt fabrics. They can also be used for machine cross-stitch when it is important not to see the stabilizer on the finished product. Our heat-away stabilizers from Sulky and America Sews are also great for fabrics that might be damaged by wetting.

Water Soluble Stabilizers

Water soluble stabilizers are used when support is needed during the stitching process but not afterwards. With knits the stitches usually fall or sink into the fabric as the stitching is done; using a removable stabilizer helps the design form correctly. This type of stabilizer also acts as a topper on napped fabrics like towels to keep the loops or piles from poking through the stitching. Browse our extensive array of water soluble stabilizers from manufacturers such as Sulky, America Sews, Pellon, Vilene and Aqua Magic.

Decorative Stabilizers–Sulky Puffy Foam

Add flair and 3-dimensional excitement to computerized embroidery and machine-fed or free-motion satin stitching. Puffy Foam is a high quality ethylene vinyl acetate film that is made specifically for use with home sewing machines. When used on top of a fabric, it perforates cleanly and makes stitching stand well above the fabric. Choose a Puffy Foam colour (available in red, purple, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, grey, black, white and light tan) similar to your thread colour. Virtually no waste – even very small pieces can be used. While non-toxic, water resistant and machine washable, it is flammable. Avoid over-drying in a hot dryer. Do not iron or dry clean.

Available in assorted sizes:

  • Size: package contains three 2mm thick 6” x 9” pieces
  • Size: package contains three 3mm thick 6” x 9” pieces
  • Size: assorted pack contains twelve 2mm thick 6” x 9” pieces
  • Size: assorted pack contains twelve 3mm thick 6” x 9” pieces

Cut-Away Stabilizers

Cut-away stabilizers are normally used with knits. These will not stretch out the shape and will not allow the embroidery to become distorted during or after the stitching. Affordable Sew & Vac offers you an extensive selection of cut-away stabilizers for supporting computerized embroidery designs, appliques and monograms on a variety of light, medium and heavyweight fabrics.

Fusible Webs

Fusible Webs are glue or plastic based see-through materials that are either encased in paper (like the double sticks) or have paper on one side only. They are used to bond the applique pattern pieces to the background fabric. Fusible webs can be purchased by the yard, in packages or in rolls. Some can be sewn; others cannot. Affordable Sewing & Vac Center carries a wide selection of fusible webs designed for enthusiastic quilters! Read more about our versatile fusible webs.


Interfacing is a hidden component. If it’s doing its job, you don't realize it’s even in a garment. However, if it’s been omitted, or the wrong product is used, the garment suffers. Interfacing shapes, supports and stabilizes detail areas of a garment such as collars, facings, waistbands, etc. It can make the difference between a garment looking and feeling good to wear or feeling stiff, rigid and uncomfortable. Without interfacing, a garment can be limp and lifeless. Choosing the right interfacing is key to a garment’s appearance and performance.

Some interfacings are nonwoven. Nonwovens are made directly from fibers that are bonded together using several different methods to form a “fabric”. Nonwovens:

  • Do not have a grain
  • Have little or no shrinkage
  • Do not ravel
  • Can be washed or dry-cleaned

Interfacing may also be described as a fusible or sew-in. “Fusibles” have an adhesive on one side which will be activated by your iron. The choice between a fusible and a sew-in interfacing depends on the fabric, the degree of firmness desired and personal preference. Fusibles are great timesavers. They’re easy to work with and compatible with most fabrics. They will make a fabric slightly crisper than a sew-in interfacing of comparable weight.

Need help choosing the interfacing from our wide inventory? Talk to an Affordable Sew & Vac representative for expert advice!

Quality Embroidery Backings by Tristan

Easy Tear

Our exclusive, versatile tear-away embroidery backing can be torn in both directions, and is flame retardant, formaldehyde-free, non-abrasive and soft.

2.00 oz per square yard

Available in 16” x 10M bolt

Tear Away

Tear away is a lightweight non-woven for easy applications where a degree of stability is needed. 1.25 oz per square yard is available in white or black.

15” x 10M or by the metre

Tear Away Light

This lightweight version is a crisp see-through stabilizer.

15” available by the metre

Tear Away / Wash Away

This unique product tears exceptionally well in both directions and has superior stability. When laundered, the remaining backing surrounding the embroidery washes away, leaving a very neat clean design.

14” sold by the metre

Tear & Rinse

A water soluble film used on the top of fabric when embroidering on knitwear and terry cloth, this product allows details of embroidery design to stand out more clearly.

Regular weight at 25 microns

Available in 13” x 10M or by the metre

Tear & Rinse Heavy

At 40 microns in weight, this product is great for lacemaking and free-standing embroidery.

Available in 13” x 10M or by the metre

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